About VGE Real Estate Management

We founded VGE Real Estate Management based on the trust of a large number of loyal and valuable relations that Van Gool Elburg Vastgoedspecialisten has been endowed with for over 40 years. The basic premise is to offer a high-quality service combined with healthy business practices.

VGE Real Estate Management’s services comprise all activities involved in strategic and operational commercial real estate management. Every object is unique and requires specific knowledge and attention. A distinct plan of attack is therefore created for each individual building, providing a vision of the current situation as well as the near future.

Market and technical developments that may affect the user value of the real estate are closely monitored. When collaborations with specialised partners are sought for the provision of specific services, VGE Real Estate Management will always remain the first point of contact.

Irina Rosier

As a partner at VGE Real Estate Management, Irina Rosier is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm. After obtaining her Real Estate & Brokerage degree in Groningen (2005), Irina joined CBRE’s Property Management department as a Commercial Manager. In 2009, Irina transitioned to Artona Asset Management (a subsidiary of Van Gool Elburg at the time), where she acted as the Director for almost 4 years.

Late 2012, Irina joined G-Star to take charge of their real estate portfolio. In 2014, Irina was asked to join Rituals as their Real Estate Manager to help progress their extensive expansion ambitions as well as manage their existing store and office portfolio. Early 2020, Irina joined VGE Real Estate as a partner, playing a central role in the establishment  of the company.

Hamza Boucharraba

As of September 1st, Hamza Boucharraba will join VGE Real Estate Management as a partner. After graduating in Built Environment, Hamza worked at CBRE and Square Four. Over the past 5 years, Hamza has managed various portfolios within Square Four. Partly due to an extensive background in property management and technical management, Hamza brings extensive experience and knowledge. Alongside Irina Rosier, Hamza will be responsible for the daily business of VGE Real Estate Management.

Our services

Everyday operational management consists of the following elements:

Commercial management

  • Close personal contact with tenants and real estate owners
  • Contract management (lease extensions / expiration management)
  • Managing leasing activities including managing a team of realtors
  • Vacancy management
  • Period reporting

Technical management 

  • Daily management
  • Execution and outsourcing of building maintenance (systematic as well as corrective)
  • Maintenance contract management
  • 24/7 fault reporting
  • Drafting (multi-year) maintenance budgets
  • Drafting periodic reports

Financial management

  • Lease invoicing
  • Collection procedure coordination
  • Service cost administration
  • Drafting annual service cost settlements
  • Drafting periodic reports

Van Gool Elburg Real Estate Specialists

VGE Real Estate Management is a subsidiary of Van Gool Elburg Vastgoedspecialisten B.V.

All of Van Gool Elburg’s partners are partners at VGE Real Estate Management as well, making up the foundation of the organisation together with Irina Rosier.